Sunday, October 2, 2011

Marquez will win vs Pacquiao if...

Do you believe that Juan Manuel Marquez will win against Manny Pacquiao? But before that Pacquiao vs Marquez 3 will happen on November 12 at the MGM Grand. Now back to the question, I believe Marquez will win against Pacquiao If Marquez stamina is similar to his first two fights. Even if Marquez loses a step or two in stamina and workrate, he'll still be formidable, there just can't be a significant decrease in energy and reflexes or he'll get slaughtered. Secondly, as long as Marquez can move his legs in order to counter, so as to prevent any "Trading" going on, and Marquez rides a bicycle
while countering, he could eek out a decision. At his age now, it is a big question. Third is, Marquez should not forget to counter attack Pacquiao, He done that in their previous fight even though he was knock down several times he still manage to even up the score by counter attacking Pacquiao.

And lastly, if ever Marquez started to loses stamina then he should do some bicycle style move. Cotto proved that insisting on backward movement, you can really take out Manny's offense by 80%. Marquez and Morales were first to demonstrate this but were too injured or made mistakes by trying to earn "respect." Just be content to run and counter and you can win. Boring fight granted, but you can win. The only chance that Marquez can beat Pacquiao is to pot shot him, this was shown on the Cotto fight. But Pacquiao is too aggressive and condition is soo good, I doubt they can cope up with him. But still I think Marquez will still put up a good fight.

I personally think Manny has vastly improved his skills since last fight. The Pacquiao who Marquez fought was not the Pacquiao anymore, featherweight pacquiao was one dimensional fighter who only relies on his speed, relentless and stamina in the ring. The Pacquiao today is more different, what I am saying is he is more complete fighter. Pacquiao targets more of the head in the past. but he can throw a body punch when he sees an opening (intelligent fighter does that ). That means that a head hunter Pacquiao also has a body shot arsenal. Now, do you think Marquez will survive the kind of body shots he gave to Cotto, Margarito and Mosley? Pacquiao will always win by decision judging from the aggressiveness and the volume of punches, not to mention the charisma and popularity.

Pacquiao vs Marquez

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