Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mayweather vs Cotto early predictions

9 days to go before Floyd Mayweather and Miguel Cotto step up the boxing ring at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada to fight for the WBA Super Welterweight belt. Predictions to the approaching Mayweather vs Cotto bout can be seen all over the internet and the views of the fans depends if they are an avid follower or just a neutral fan, who wants to share his ideas on what will happen during the much-awaited championship fight.

The Mayweather vs Cotto fight is scheduled for 12 rounds. During this time, the two boxers will be at their best power and speed. In the later rounds, they will gradually slow down and the fight can go either way depending on their conditioning and training, which many of us do not see.

Miguel Cotto is a known power puncher and according to many predictions, he can win this bout only if he KO Mayweather. If the fight goes the distance, Mayweather will win it by points. In the early rounds, Miguel’s punches will be very strong because both of his hands have knockout power. If he can hit the button, he can win this fight via stoppage and he will be the first boxer to win against the Grand Rapids, Michigan native.

Floyd is very difficult to read, which is evident in his last several fights. He was able to outclass Juan Manuel Marquez, a known tactician and counter-puncher and he was able to win against Shane Mosley, who almost kayoed him in the early rounds of their bout.

Cotto’s knockout percentage is much higher than Floyd; but the latter’s accuracy is the best in the sport. Mayweather will win the points in most of the rounds because even though he throws a few combinations, his punches can land either to the face or the body.

Final prediction: Mayweather wins by points.

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